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Join us - Le Nessay - Saint-Briac

Breathtaking Nessay entrance on the Peninsula

The establishment of the NESSAY rises on the Presqu’île de Saint-Briac, a landmark of enchanted stays lulled by the sound of waves. Like a beacon in the memories of our guests, it is the place where time stops and memories are made. A showcase polished by fine and talented teams with a «Je ne sais quoi» so rare, pearls of their professions and places.

Push the gates of the castle, take part in the adventure…

Our Values


We create the necessary conditions to provide a caring work environment that encourages the development of skills, mutual aid, trust and room for initiative.

The domino effect > Our clients feel supported by teams who are happy and attentive to their needs, and who contribute to the warm, family atmosphere of the establishment.


We choose our staff carefully, not only for their state of mind but also for their know-how, their expertise and their willingness to constantly seek to improve, to push back the limits with creativity and generosity.

The domino effect > A service that renews itself, that seeks to achieve new quality objectives and clients who are consistently surprised by our teams’ proposals to improve their stay in the hotel.


We expect our teams to be genuinely committed to the success and sustainable development of the hotel. And this commitment is mutual; we strive to create working conditions that are conducive to this commitment and thus encourage our employees’ involvement.

The domino effect > Our teams are committed and united in a common objective, cohesion is strengthened and clients feel supported by a unified team.

Bar le Nessay Saint Briac
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