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Le Nessay Saint-Briac – Hotel, Bar, Restaurant, Pastry and Spa - Le Nessay - Saint-Briac

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Our Story

Le Nessay is a haven of peace where you can create unforgettable memories with family and friends, a sanctuary that captures the mood of the moment, ever changing with the seasons or times of day.

A hotel of atmospheres where simple pleasures are nurtured. Where the world feels a long way away and time is suspended, where you can refocus on what really matters: enjoying family and friends, appreciating the delights of holidays and the small pleasures of life, in a setting that encourages you to gently disconnect, with your feet in the water.

La Maison du Nessay is ideal for the weekend getaways of urban families in need of nature. It is the ideal house to live at your own pace, free of constraints. It is a house that belongs to those who live in it.

We invite you to become a part of our story and to discover or rediscover Brittany with us. Welcome to Le Nessay!

Step in step with your own natural rhythm at La Maison du Nessay

La Maison du Nessay

A place to make your own, that revisits the concept of the family home: a “family friendly” inn with 5 bedrooms that offers the freedom you to live at your own pace, far from everyday constrictions.


The Nessay Patisserie

A pastry shop and bakery in the heart of the village to bring home precious souvenirs of Le Nessay.


Custom made events

Celebrate your private events

We would be delighted to organise your most memorable events with you.

Organise your business meetings

A room nestled in the rocks, on the tip of the Nessay peninsula, an ideal setting for your seminars.

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